Boost Metabolism

Activate brown fat thermoregulation and promote
cold-induced thermogenesis to burn more calories.

Improve Sleep

Signal parasympathetic nervous system activity to
encourage relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and aid recovery.

Reduce Fatigue

Decrease muscle inflammation and soreness through greater blood flow to quickly remove metabolic waste products, and improve oxygen delivery and nutrient transport.

Enhance Performance

Stimulate a release in adrenaline for increased alertness, readiness, and response times and diminished perceived effort.


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Perform. Recover. Adapt. Repeat.
Perform. Recover. Adapt. Repeat.
Perform. Recover. Adapt. Repeat.


Walk with us along the path towards optimal well-being. Join a community dedicated to achieving balance between performance and recovery, and stay updated with the latest news, tips, and exclusive offers.
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